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Loving Labradors is our Passion

We are a small family owned hobbyist kennel

located in Toccoa, Georgia about 2 hours East of Atlanta on beautiful Lake Hartwell.  We are also located in Palm Harbor, Florida about 30 minutes west of Tampa.


At Cedarwood Labradors we are firmly committed to raising traditional AKC English Style Labrador Retriever.

Our goal is to provide you with high quality show dogs, a loving family member or fun companion that will enjoy the many events in your life.


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Labrador Retriever – The most famous dog breed in the USA, has a long history which begins in Newfoundland from St.john’s Dog. These dogs are the ancestors of Labradors.

St. Johns water dogs are the result of ad-hoc breedings by the people of Newfoundland in the 16th century. There is no data available related to forefathers of water dogs but these are may be the result of cross-breeding between working dog breeds.

St. John’s Dogs were lived in Newfoundland (a region of Canada) in the 16th century. They were also called water

These dogs were used for hunting, retrieving and pulling nets. They have characteristics white markings on face, chest, and legs known as tuxedo markings.

They were favorite dogs of fishermen because they have extraordinary qualities like good temperament and working behavior. Their other qualities were fast running, swimming, and fighting.

They were short-haired dogs and preferred over long-haired dogs because ice stuck in long hair when they come out of the water after hunting.

In 1820, St. John’s dogs imported to England, but their reputation was already there. There cross in England results in the origin of Labradors. St. John’s dogs were mainly in black color but others colors like yellow and chocolate also appeared in some litters.

According to Geologist Joseph Bettle: ‘A thin, short-haired, black dog came off-shore to us today’.


When imported to England these dogs were different from typical St. John’s Dogs. They have the different body conformation and characteristics. They were more smart and active than other breeds.


Our Puppies

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